Website Strategy

Websites today can’t be static, unchanging brochures. For most organizations, a website touches more prospects than any other marketing or communications tool. Yet, most organizations neglect their websites. 

We assist our clients with large-scale digital initiatives such as launching a new product or service, an entirely new brand or extending an existing one.


Mercury helps research, plan and execute a comprehensive strategy to solve your website challenges.


We help our clients address key digital marketing questions facing businesses such as:

  • We’re unhappy with the design of our website.
  • Our project has stalled.
  • We need a new website feature or application.
  • Our website needs more traffic.
  • Our website isn’t converting.


Our recent website strategy successes include:

542% increase in Google Rankings

178% increase in Page Views

56% increase in Mobile Traffic

550% increase in Online Orders


Strategy & Planning

Mercury consulting services enable businesses to keep pace with market dynamics, learn about their audience and rapidly build both brand engagement and revenue at the lowest possible cost. We’ll provide you with practical recommendations to ensure the long-term effectiveness of your digital strategy.

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