Rebranding Services

We are dedicated to connecting customers to companies through superior digital brand experiences. By blending big brand creative, digital, and strategic capabilities, we create high-performing brands for a mobile world.

Drive real business results by redesigning and reinvigorating your brand to thrive in today’s dynamic environment.

Your brand is your promise to the world. It lets consumers know what you do, how you do it, and why you do it better than everyone else.

Whether you’re a new player and need help building your brand or you are a mainstay in your industry and need your brand to be redesigned, we can work with you to create a lasting, memorable and impactful brand solution.

The benefits of rebranding:

  • Reposition your brand in the market and minds of consumers.
  • Refocus on your target market 
  • Distance your company from controversy
  • Connect with new demographics 
  • Reflect a shift in focus or strategy 


With Mercury, the corporate branding and rebranding process follows a proven research, strategy, design, and launch plan.

We begin the branding process by interviewing your executive team, conducting market research, identifying gaps, and crafting cogent market positioning. Then we write comprehensive brand messaging for your elevator speech, products, services, and target demographics. Only with this foundation in place do our graphic designers and branding strategists begin work on your visual brand identity

Rebranding Process:

1. Start with a business reason

2. Research your firm and your target clients

3. Capture your positioning and messaging

4. Build your brand identity

5. Build your website and online presence

6. Marketing Collateral

7. Ongoing Brand Building Plan


Strategic Brief & Creative Design
Brand Positioning
Brand Development
Logo Design
Brand Identity Design
Corporate Identity
Event & Initiative Branding
Brand Implementation & Stewardship


Business-to-business companies that have been around a while often find themselves on the back foot when competing in increasingly noisy and crowded industries. Let’s face it: What got you where you are will not get you where you want to go. Altitude has extensive expertise in guiding established technology-oriented companies through the rebranding process – shedding baggage, reestablishing market leadership, and driving fresh streams of leads.


Launching a new company, a new product or a new service means unseating the competition and winning mindshare. Altitude has developed a highly effective, adaptive methodology that takes into account the rapid evolution cycle of early-stage B2B companies. We guide your branding efforts by helping you understand the market, writing killer messaging, building awareness, attracting investors, driving leads, arming the sales team, and creating evangelists.

 Successful Corporate Rebrands

As an integrated branding and digital agency, Mercury can provide creative solutions for print and web, as well as packaging, exhibition and campaign creative in support of a brand or product launches.

We are used to tight deadlines and fast turnarounds and have built a vast network of production outlets around the globe to alleviate the stress of production so your team is freed up to focus on the larger project.

Branding Design

Watching a new brand take shape is an exciting process. Our designers will craft not only the new logo but an entirely new design language with imaginative iconography using our iterative design process.

Growth through Alignment

Drive real business results by building or reinvigorating your brand to thrive in today’s dynamic environment. We can build a singular vision and visual language for your new brand.

Strong Brand, Strong Campaign

The center of all marketing is connecting your brand’s unique selling proposition with a customer’s unmet need. A strong core brand message sets the stage for long term success in the digital world, making the promise that message will need to remain authentic regardless of the digital touch points chosen by the customer.

Getting Personal

Your new brand must speak to your business and customers. To achieve that we’ll conduct in-depth interviews with your senior leadership and pair that with market and consumer research to give us a true end to end understanding of your specific brand challenges.

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