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PCS Wireless specializes in the redistribution of new and pre-owned phones, tablets, accessories, and other wireless equipment. The company approached Mercury Creative for advice on revamping their marketing programs to keep pace with the growing demands of the digital world.

PCS Wireless was looking for a partner to help them create a digital strategy and marketing plans to take them into the future. They needed to know how to approach the modernization of their online properties and website, and they needed to evolve their messaging as well.

They wanted to create a short to mid-term marketing strategy to help them meet business goals and objectives and to bring their marketing execution in line quickly.

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Our Solution

Mercury spent time with the leadership team at PCS Wireless, getting to know their business goals and objectives, their value proposition, their competitors, and their markets. We then created a pragmatic strategy for their online properties and their overall marketing strategy and plan.

Since then, we’ve redesigned their website, updated all their messaging, created a library of print and presentation collateral, assimilated their print advertising, designed event booths, built e-mail templates, and more.

Mercury has been instrumental in helping us define and execute the right strategy for our web properties. The team continually offers practical insights and experience, and we consider them a trusted partner. Mercury combines high-end design and modern development practices to make sure that our customers, who are global and mobile, have a positive and engaging digital experience.

The team at Mercury also provides ongoing marketing execution support to ensure that everything we do offline matches what we do on the web; our website, digital marketing, event marketing, print collateral, and advertising is all highly coordinated and aligned to preserve our brands and relay consistent messaging to all our target audiences.

Ronald Hans | VP, Business Development PCS Wireless

77% Increase in website traffic in less than 1 year.

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