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Strategy for Digital

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) is the non-profit that oversees the development of Bluetooth standards and the licensing of the Bluetooth technologies and trademarks to manufacturers.

Initially developed by Ericsson, Bluetooth technology is now used in countless products by manufacturers the world over. These manufacturers must be members of the Bluetooth SIG before they are granted access to the Bluetooth specifications, available online via the Bluetooth SIG Website.

For Bluetooth SIG, their website is the core of their operations. Members access the specifications, submit products for review, and even have their work on the next version of the BT standard facilitated by the website. And again, like most businesses, technology decisions from years past were haunting them today.

They enlisted Mercury’s to develop a digital transformation strategy that would help them grow over the next five years, and at the same time, adapt as needed to the ever changing dynamics of a digital world.

The challenge was they needed to have this strategy developed and ready within 60 calendar days.

Our Approach

Mercury Creative quickly assembled a team of industry and technical experts who began work analyzing the business to produce a preliminary report detailing :

  • Insights and learnings compiled from interview sessions with business and member stakeholders.
  • A review of the current situation, including digital assets, systems, integrations, and business processes.
  • Assessment and prioritization of technology initiatives undertaken in the past 12 months and planned for the upcoming year.
  • An overview of the market and trends in platforms, technologies, and digital branding.

Our Philosophy

No longer can a digital strategy simply include technology and platform choices; what’s typically referred to as a web “presence.” Global brands must engage and be committed to running digital enterprises and connect on a massive scale personalized to each user. This is exciting for those who address this reality, and it is scary for those who do not.

A modern digital strategy must include a holistic review of brand, content, social, and technology considerations to produce the desired business outcomes. The core deliverables of any plan for digital transformation must incorporate not only an organization’s strength and gaps in digital technology and resources, but also take into account the strategy behind an organization’s brand, messaging and content management and marketing.


The Solution

The final strategy and corresponding a tactical plan was built and presented to Bluetooth SIG along with an exhaustive report delivering:

  • The recommended approach to achieve digital harmony.
  • A matrix of technology choices, each with suggested integration partners along with our suggested final selection of technologies, systems, platforms.
  • A phased implementation plan, including integration efforts, resources, maintenance and upgrades required.
  • Opportunities for resource reallocation that would maximize the business value obtained from existing development resources.
  • Negotiated partner agreements with major software vendors resulting in significant cost savings.
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