Posh Mobile


Posh Mobile was introducing a new brand of mobile devices, phones, and tablets, into the marketplace. Their initial emphasis was on the Latin American market and they wished to create a brand that was elegant and luxurious to match the sleek and sophisticated design of their devices.

They needed every element of their marketing, from the wake-up animations and wallpaper on their products to their website, product packaging and print advertising all to match the desired look and feel.


Mercury developed a logo for the POSH Mobile brand that introduced elements reminiscent of British Royalty and London lifestyle in order to inbue sense of luxury that was in line with the brand name. Once a full brand ecosystem and usage guidelines had been created, we designed their initial website poshmobile.com as well as product packaging, dealer support materials, print advertisements and more.

Posh-CaseStudy-branding-challenge-img POSH Mobile
logo-gray_posh POSH Mobile


The design team at Mercury developed a library of images, icons and branding elements that reinforce the POSH Mobile brand in a variety of places. An abstracted diamond pattern is used on the devices, print advertising, website imagery, store signage, packaging and even conference booths to create a unified look and feel across mediums.

Posh Mobile Qualit & Design


Smooth, refined, polished. Meet James Posh. We introduced the character of James Posh to promote the brand on marketing pieces and industry trade shows. James Posh was the physical embodiment of the brand for the initial launch. The ever popular Mr. Posh even had his own presence on social media networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook, wholly apart from the main Posh company pages.

James posh

1millon POSH Mobile

units moved on launch campaign


POSH Mobile has enjoyed great success, meeting and surpassing sales targets, engaging large and critical clients and getting great reviews from industry experts.

The website traffic has done nothing but grow since launch and the company is expanding its portfolio. The brand will continue to evolve and we are constantly expanding their marketing programs and support to introduce new elements and reach new audiences.