UX Study: Improving Engagement

UX Study:
Improving Engagement

TM Forum is a non-profit organization connecting service providers in telecommunications and entertainment industry.

During the organization’s redesign project, TM Forum wanted to improve areas of its business that were of particular importance to the company. Mercury Creative increased conversion rates for numerous publications and reduced registration form abandonment, helping TM Forum achieve its main redesign goal.


Improve content engagement and readership

The TM Forum’s publications contain plethora of valuable information explaining all aspects of digital transformation, yet their online reach and readership was lower than the organization desired.

TM Forum was interested in leveraging its robust publications department to successfully promote industry thought leadership online.


Our investigation into the causes of the readership rate led us to a series of solutions that would produce significant results for the business.

Our team found out that the site didn’t provide readers with an easy access to the content – a fundamental problem making it difficult for readers to find articles that held the most interest and value to them.

Additionally, the publications were also available only on a limited number of mediums, a problem set to get worse with time as their audience gets further and further differentiated on various mobile platforms.

Our team implemented an updated user experience for the entire publications portion of the website. In addition to making the user flows more compelling and intuitive, we also created a tagging and API system that allows for the content to be displayed throughout their website as related content.

We increased the number of mediums through which readers could access the content, expanding the availability of the publications to Amazon and other viewing formats (.PDF, .EPUB).

Most importantly, we developed and designed a stand-alone iPad application that members could download and use for better reading experience.


Our efforts resulted in considerable growth in interest toward the TM Forum publication program.


  • Go to your audience – Provide content across multiple mediums.
  • Craft the content accordingly to your target’s audience needs and expectations.
  • To get even better results, develop an application or process that is catered to suit your customer’s reading convenience.

The Results

Convers_ions_Per_Month TM Forum - Publications

x11 Page Views

x14 Downloads