User Experience Design

Digital Experience Design

Digital transformation has brought about rapid changes in consumer expectations and customer experience.

Always on, always connected and with ever increasing integration with their lives, consumers are leaving behind the brands that don’t keep up.

Brands that leverage digital experiences to complete their real world customer experience will be market leaders as consumers increasingly leverage digital channels to make purchasing decisions.

We blend big brand creative, digital, and strategic capabilities to connect customers to brands through superior digital brand experiences. We start with the needs of your customers and translate them into specific features and functionality with intuitive, easy to use interfaces. Our attention to end-to-end user experience ensures that all of your customer interactions are coordinated and contribute to a cohesive brand experience.

Digital Retail Convergence

Industry leaders are realizing the opportunity in unifying the online shopping experience with their real world stores.

First wave digital transformation offerings such as buy online & return in store, reserve online and personalization with beacons have all shown to substantially increase customer lifetime value.

It is common practice for consumers to initiate the purchasing process before entering a store, often creating an ad hoc clicks-to-bricks integration for an unprepared retailer.

This second wave digital transformation and integration represents an untapped resource for innovative brands.

We are dedicated to connecting customers to brands and can help you to leverage your mobile consumers through a next generation clicks-to-bricks customer experience.

UX Research Studies & Optimization

Unoptimized conversion funnels leak revenue, customers and negatively impact customer satisfaction ratings.

Our UX research services identify opportunities for optimization, and provide tactical plans for actioning the improvements and measuring the results. These optimized experiences are designed to deliver tangible business results such as reducing churn, increasing revenue.

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