Mobile Solutions

Mobile Solutions

You already go out of your way to ensure your printed material presents the right image. What you may not be concerned with is your digital image. If your digital image does not accurately reflect who you are, your integrity is already at stake. As many as 70% of all users claim they judge a company’s credibility solely on the design of their website, and 46% say that a site’s design is their number one factor when determining an organization’s credibility.

If your website doesn’t perform well on mobile devices, as many as 48% of your visitors may assume you do not care about them, something that can be especially detrimental to a non-profit’s image. On the other hand, 67% are likely to engage with you if they have a positive experience using your mobile website.

Responsive Websites & Mobile Applications

Harness the full potential of a connected world and take advantage of the new channels to target and reach your audience.

Responsive websites and mobile applications (iOS & Android) provide entirely new, intimate and interactive ways to engage with your audience.

We regularly work with our clients to conceive of and deliver mobile solutions that extend brands, delight consumers and deliver tangible business benefits.

Industry leaders are realizing the opportunity in leveraging mobile to unify the online and offline experiences. We can help you leverage your mobile consumers and realize an entirely new communications and revenue channel.

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