Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Engaging Marketing, Maximum Sales

Consumers are driven to purchase by online research, digital marketing, and social influencers; all multi-touch engagements along an ever increasing customer journey.

Research suggests that around 90% of the decision-making process is complete before a B2B or B2C customer ever engages a salesperson. The modern sales process requires connecting with your customers across digital channels long before you’re even aware of the prospect.

Our clients have experienced the following successes with our digital marketing consulting:

  • +40% monthly website traffic growth for brand launch
  • 11x increase in page views in 1 month
  • 14x increase in conversions in 1 month
  • Email open rates as high as 67.9% and click-throughs of 8.1% or higher in targeted campaigns.(industry average is between 1-2%)

Accelerated growth with Agile Marketing

The need to engage in digital marketing is clear and most companies have already begun their digital transformation.

Many have found the rapid changes in tactics, skills, and technologies required to effectively drive growth, make determining the best strategy and budget to meet business objectives a challenge.

Mercury’s marketing experts take an agile approach to digital marketing strategy, advocating for the constant introduction and analysis of new data to ensure your marketing program is on the right track.

We can help lead your team in the development of an overall marketing vision and brand strategy that will connect to your audience with a consistent message across all channels.

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