French Truly

Become a little bit French!

“Become a little bit French!”

French Truly is a Francophile’s dream come true. French language groups, movie nights, cultural salons, and even guided tour groups; French Truly has you covered.

French Truly already had a good base for her brand but the founder Virginie Paradis felt there was room for improvement in their digital products and wanted to update her online offerings and marketing programs to support two pending product launches.

FrenchTruly was looking to launch an international travel program, taking groups on exclusive and unique tours of France, as well as a monthly culture and cinema symposium.

A subtle rebranding

A rebrand doesn’t mean a reset. We respected what worked in the brand and built upon it to create a fresh, polished ecosystem for French Truly.

French-Truly-before-after French Truly

Successful Launches

The new programs have been great success, meeting and surpassing sales targets, and establishing two new long term revenue streams for the company.

The cultural salons were so well attended, they now occupy a monthly spot at the Seattle Center in partnership with SIFF Cinema, and the voyages are already sold out into the next year.

French-Truly-web-mockups French Truly

French-Truly-sold-out French Truly

With the brand ecosystem established we created a website experience that mirrored and built upon the real work interactions French Truly has with its vibrant and engaged community. The website now serves as the information hub for all upcoming events and trips as well as an active online video portal.