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Mercury helps your business attract more customers and drive more purchase decisions.

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Do you want:
  • More Revenue

    Top clients generate up to an additional 25% per month

  • Bigger Orders

    Increase average order size by 40% with Online Ordering

  • Higher Conversion

    Targeted campaigns raise conversion rates nearly 12x

  • Better Retention

    Double the number of repeat customers

  • Gravitas

    Respect from having a professional and modern operation

    • Build a reputation on the review sites that matter most to you
    • Improve local SEO to more easily get found
    • Gain insights to improve business operations

Mercury Pays for itself within 4 weeks.

Get more followers.
Grow your sales faster.

How it works

Tell us your audience

Provide us with some details about your business, industry and your ideal customer.

We get their attention

We will design and manage social media ad campaigns to build your audience, generate leads, and increase revenue.

Convert visitors into qualified leads

We’ll help you develop calls-to-action your visitors can’t help but click and personalize messaging based on location, traffic source, device, persona, and more

And enjoy lead growth

We’ll help you connect with your CRM or Salesforce to automatically record and organize every interaction customers have with your brand. Use this data to confidently report on how each marketing campaign and asset
contributes to sales.


Ensuring Success


24/7 growth

Put lead growth on autopilot and get back to focusing on more important things in your business.

Smart targeting algorithm

We use machine learning and artificial intelligence to target propsects who are interested in your brand.

Complimentary strategy call

After signing up, we jump on a strategy call to make sure we understand your business goals as well as to provide you with some tips and tricks for sales success.

Bank level security

All your information is encrypted via 256-bit SSL encryption. Your data stays protected with us.

Customer success manager

You get a US based customer success manager that exists to support your business goals.

Growth reports

We send you reports on your accounts performance direct to your inbox every month.


Mercury Digital Marketing is for you

Mercury creates your digital marketing program to build sales for your business.


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Start getting more customers today!

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Companies ranging from SMBs to the enterprise entrust their marketing, sales and customer success with Mercury.

Online Sales Growth Stack

Our social sales, lead building and digital marketing tools are powerful alone — but they’re even better together. Rapidly build brand engagement, lead generation and revenue at the lowest possible cost.

Social Slingshot

Supercharge Social Media Sales

Grow your social audience, and convert more followers into customers.


Linked Leads

Acccelerate Your Sales Growth

Connect with your audience in the digital world, shorten deal cycles, and convert more visitors into customers.


Funnel Flow

Coming Soon!

Your Automated Prospecting Funnel

Skyrocket productivity, and close more deals with less work.

Customer success stories
"Mercury ​combines high-end design and modern development practices to make sure that our customers, who are global and mobile, have a positive and engaging digital experience."
Ronald Hans
VP Marketing, PCS Wireless

Mercury Pays for itself within 4 weeks.

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Boost conversion rates, generate qualified leads, improve sales and wow your customers.

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