UX Study: Improving Engagement


TM Forum is a member-based organization for the communications and digital services industry. Their membership engages in online collaboration to create industry standards and the organization holds events and conferences, in-person and online training, benchmarking and conformance testing, and operates a robust research and publications arm.


With an aging content management system as well as a need for upgraded functionalities in their standards development communities, TM Forum engaged with Mercury to undertake a complete transformation of their online systems. Alongside the transformation of the digital systems, Mercury worked with both internal stakeholders as well as key TM Forum members to understand, document and improve upon the user journeys and overall customer experience for the membership at large.


Mercury made recommendations that included a new CMS platform, an html/mobile first standard for all digital properties and the integration of all services and platforms into a single modern vehicle that provides for end-to-end analytics, user record unification and easy addition of future services and products.

Extending the Digital Brand System

TM Forum’s digital ecosystem is far reaching and includes over two dozen online properties that are member viewable. The properties range from online member services such as a research and publications library, an online community and an online training system, to marketing led properties built on a microsite system.

Throughout the digital strategy & transformation work to unify and integrate the user journeys and technical systems, Mercury also paid careful consideration to how the brand was being impacted by the evolving digital sites and services. We worked closely with the brand manager and creative director at TM Forum to incorporate consistent branding elements throughout the new online properties.

Our designers ensured that not only were the new digital properties delivering the functionality requested by the end users and TM Forum itself but that the end-user experience was visually engaging and aesthetically pleasing which made a huge difference in terms of member responsiveness and their level of enthusiasm for the final product.


Member engagement on the new sites is markedly higher with dramatic increases in usage of site areas such as the standards development communities (148% increase in traffic), standards training (174% increase in traffic) and TM Forum membership news (215% increase in traffic), all pointing to a healthy, active and engaged membership online thanks to the revised user journeys and website ecosystem.



User Engagement


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